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CounterSpy – My Impressions A Week On;

Dynamighty’s first title, CounterSpy, launched on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita – and I instantly snapped it up with it being one of my most anticipated indie games launching on PlayStation platforms this year. Needless to say so far, I am thoroughly enjoying my time with it, it’s even beating those lofty expectations.
The design is the highlight of the game, with the art style standing out against everything else in my Vita library, as the soothing jazz soundtrack sounding amazing throughout. The gameplay is also fun, with shifting between dimensions offering an interesting new challenge, and the procedurally generated worlds offer consistently different challenges. Yet it is also deeper than expected, with the most rewarding gameplay coming from changing up arsenals between rounds.
The only issue I’m currently having is with the story, as it lacks any importance in the game and rarely appears as a prominent force to keep you playing.
In conclusion, Counterspy is a fantastic title with a really unique feel and atmosphere that makes it well worth your time.


Broforce Is Coming, But What About Expendabros?

From the first time I went hands on with Broforce, I felt it was crying out for a PlayStation release. I thought it would almost be a lock it would appear on PS4, but the PS Vita version was even more exciting for me – I mean those visuals will just pop on the Vita’s screen. Last month (out of nowhere), a free pack of Broforce levels, titled Expendabros, but will it come to the PlayStation release. I hope so, as it will build up my hype for the release next year even more. My prediction; it will release as free DLC a couple of weeks after the games launch.

@Field – Should It Have Been Localised;

@Field is currently the only PS Vita title created by Sonic Powered, and was a golf game that acted like a pinball game. One thing the Vita is lacking in golf games, and this could have helped sort this problem out. Now, the Vita is starting to see more localisations, and even more different types of localisations (heck Monster Monpiece was localised). I think I’d have liked to see this title localised, yet I doubt the global appeal would ever cover the costs of localising the title.