Some Words From The Flippfly Co-Founder On Race To Sun For PlayStation Platforms;

“We knew that some of the fastest games out there were encumbered by complex rules and controls – and we really wanted our game to be fun right from the start,” he said. “The mantra ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ was adopted in lieu of design documents, and we got to work.

“The first major problem to tackle was control. When it comes down to it, controls of any racer – no matter how complex – usually revolve around making your vehicle turn left and right. We decided that we wanted the turning mechanism to be super simple, and that turned out to be easier said than done. Every little change to one of the variables makes the controls feel totally different.

“The [testing] process was time consuming, but ultimately worth it. We didn’t stop tweaking until we felt we had struck the best possible balance: not too tight, not too loose.”


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